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April 27, 2010


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thanks Dave for letting me borrow your book LONE SURVIVOR. i enjoyed it very much! crossfitters, u should read this. you will understand the honor to do a hero wod.


431 (15# wall ball)
we had a great fun group today! good job lisa on ur second day!!! and mike c. next time!

oh and Dave, we are going to miss u lots!!!!!!


Total: 388 (heavier sledgehammer and 15# ball)...

Dave, It has been great working out with you and seeing you change and get stronger! You will be missed. Try to keep in touch every now and then. Thank you for adding up my total today - :)

Judi McMahon

It was a great sweaty workout today....almost puked!


I second Angela's recommendation of 'Lone Survivor.' It's a must-read!


Dave, Thank you for being a part of the Cutting Edge Family! Just because your moving elsewhere doesn't mean that you are still not apart of this family! Come back and visit often. I am very proud of all your hard work and all of your success! Continue to Crossfit hard, focus on that nutrition (and don't feel quilty if you have a beer every now and then!).

Take care buddy!


P.S. Come to our BBQ/Spring Party on June 12th!


407 rx


444 rx

made up lost ground on back extensions and ab mat sit ups for taking up too much time adjusting foot straps on row machine.

got to take care of business tomorrow, see you Thursday


that was fun! thanks sean, you kept me going!
415... wow!
i beat lance again! love it!

Danielle H.

Hmmm, I only got 375 (but I know I mis-counted during round 2 on back extentions). I thought I worked hard, but it sure doesn't look like it compared to everyone else. Maybe I should stop telling jokes to my partner Mari during the WOD ; )

dannielle Waltz

Dave I am sad to see you go but I understand. I hope you come back and visit!! You look Awesome with all the hard-work you have done so don't stop!! Come back anytime you need me to yell at you:)

Did mainsite wod in the morning
30Handstand pushups
40Pull ups
50 KB Swings 1.5pood
60 ab mat sit-ups
70 burpees Time 16:26 also did KB workout after....
Came back for more & did Fight gone different: Total 512
Had fun working out with everyone!!

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